Interact & Impact

Advancing the Cause of a Free Society


KCarl teaches liberty advocates how to better articulate the message of liberty and the importance of a free society by employing Frederick Douglass.

How do you successfully engage Americans, especially minorities and young people, about the importance of a free and prosperous America? How do you establish trust and credibility with individuals living in disadvantaged communities? How do you re-ignite America's passion for liberty? Or, how do you overcome the very negative preconceived opinions some individuals have about a free and prosperous America?

The ANSWER: You must make Frederick Douglass an integral part of your message.

Here's what is covered in INTERACT & IMPACT:

  • How to establish trust and credibility with your target audience
  • How to better articulate the importance of a free society and do those things that produce the biggest results (learn the specifics, not the generalities)
  • Four statements you must say to effectively articulate a unifying language of liberty
  • Why is Frederick Douglass the "common ground" for liberty and economic prosperity
  • TDI's proprietary persuasive messaging process
  • And much, much more

Liberty Advocates Rave about Frederick Douglass Seminar

Rapture! I'm a Frederick Douglass LibertyMESSENGER! Join this movement. Everyone who loves life, liberty, limited government that empowers people's rights - join us. Frederick Douglass was born a slave & died a free statesman. He loved this nation & understood its Constitution. Join the fight for freedom. Become a Frederick Douglass Republican!

Nanette Parratto-Wagner

I am a Frederick Douglass LibertyMESSENGER. Truly inspiring program tonight.

Duane Coffey

This was fabulous and I'm now a Frederick Douglass LibertyMESSENGER.

Deborah Sumner

Count me in as a Frederick Douglass LibertyMESSENGER. This is a message I believe in that is also inspirational to everyone.

Bill Barnett

I am a Frederick Douglass LibertyMESSENGER—what a great message!

Diana Evans

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