Economic Prosperity

One of the main goals in life is to be financially secure. It allows you to take care of your own and your family’s needs, plan for the future, and have greater peace of mind. Our country is known for its citizens’ entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic. These contribute to our financial security and are part of the American Dream.

Unfortunately, the American Dream is slipping away from many families. Children are first affected in our under-performing and unaccountable education system. It’s hard to start a business or even get a job in some fields because of licensing and regulations. And politicians give the wealthy and large companies the upper-hand with taxpayer funded subsidies and loopholes.

As citizens, our focus should be on making the government smaller and more efficient. An open economy will work in favor of the people – by growing wages, improving working conditions, and emphasizing skills to fill job-market needs.

The American Dream isn’t the same for everybody, which is why our government needs to protect the freedoms we inherently possess. People will enjoy greater fulfillment and more prosperity when we have greater opportunity to live our lives the way we want.


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